Chaco Culture park quarter dollar sales start April 2

Launch set same day at Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Published : 03/20/12
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Bags and rolls of the 2012 America the Beautiful quarter dollar representing Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico will go on sale by the U.S. Mint beginning at noon Eastern Time April 2.

The quarter dollars will be offered in a two-roll set for $32.95 per set. The set contains two 40-coin, $10 face value rolls, one each from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, of circulation quality coins.

Collectors may also order the quarter dollars in 100-coin, $25 face value bags of either Denver Mint or Philadelphia Mint quarter dollars. Each bag of coins is offered for $34.95.

Orders may be placed online at or by phone at 800-872-6468. A shipping and handling charge will be applied to each order.

The Chaco Culture quarter dollar, designed by U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program Master Designer Donna Weaver and sculptured by U.S. Mint Medallic Sculptor Phebe Hemphill, illustrates a view to the west of two elevated kivas that are part of the Chetro Ketl Complex, the north wall of Chetro Ketl and the north wall of the canyon.

A ceremonial launch event is tentatively being scheduled at the Chaco Culture National Historical Park for April 26. After the event, $10 rolls of the circulation quality quarter dollars will be available at face value. ■

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