Advertising token may date to World's Columbian Exposition

AVA journal Fare Box examines token depicting trolley
Published : 10/29/11
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An advertising token depicting a trolley and promoting Street Railway News is discussed in the current issue of The Fare Box, the American Vecturist Association’s monthly newsletter for transportation token collectors.

The token is believed to have been issued at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. It features a trolley service.

The article about the token also illustrates several depotel hack tokens, from different states, bearing trolley devices similar to that on the advertising token. Depotel hacks, often referred to as omnibuses, differed from omnibuses in major cities like Baltimore, New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

Omnibuses in the larger metropolitan areas served passengers on a schedule along fixed routes, like today’s bus service, while depotel hacks operated mainly to transport incoming travelers from the railroad depot to local hotels, according to the article.

For more information, contact The Fare Box editor, John M. Coffee Jr., at 1501 Beacon St., Apt. 1602, Brookline, MA 02446-4606. ■

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