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Kay Edgerton Lenker wins NLG Clemy

Kay Edgerton Lenker receives Clemy Award from 2010 winner Paul Whitnah.

Image by Paul Gilkes, Coin World.

Kay Edgerton Lenker was presented the Numismatic Literary Guild’s highest honor, the Clemy, at the culmination of the NLG’s annual bash and awards event Aug. 18 during the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money held in Rosemont, Ill.

Lenker has served the NLG as treasurer for the past 26 years. A retired U.S. Navy captain and meteorologist, she has collected coins for 56 years, specializing in numismatic items that tell stories. Her collections include primitive moneys and trade items, and coins of the United States, Japan, Austria and Russia. She has also served as a governor of the ANA, general chair of the 1983 ANA convention in San Diego, and as a leader in a number of California numismatic organizations, often serving as editor of club publications. During the past 43 years she has won many awards as a competitive exhibitor at the state, regional and national levels, and became a certified exhibit judge in 1976.

American Numismatic Society Executive Director Ute Wartenberg Kagan won the James L. Miller Memorial Award for the best numismatic article to appear in any medium, “The Fight of the U.S. Secret Service Against Counterfeit Money,” published in the ANS Magazine.

Joshua Illingworth won the Clement F. Bailey Memorial Award for excellence among new writers in numismatics whose first published writings appeared in hobby publications during the previous year. His work was published in the ANS Magazine.

Ed Reiter, executive director of the NLG for the past 21 years, was presented the the Ribbet Award for his good humor and service to the organization.

Writing awards and categories include:


Book of the Year — The work having the greatest potential impact on numismatics: The Secret History of the First U.S. Mint, by Joel J. Orosz and Leonard D. Augsburger.

Best Specialized Book — U.S. Coins: The Silver Coins of Massachusetts, by Christopher J. Salmon.

Best Specialized Book — World Coins: Standard Catalog of German Coins, 1501-Present, 3rd Edition, by Douglas Nicol; George Cuhaj, Editor, Thomas Michael, Market Analyst.

Best Specialized Book — U.S. Paper Money: Mormon Currency, 1837-1937, by Douglas A. Nyholm.

Best Specialized Book — World Paper Money: Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Modern Issues, 1861-Present, 17th Edition, George S. Cuhaj, Editor.

Best Specialized Book — Tokens and Medals: American Art Medals, 1909-1995, by David Thomason Alexander.

Best Specialized Book — Numismatic Investments: The Coin Collector’s Survival Manual, Seventh Edition, by Scott A. Travers.

Extraordinary Merit Awards in the books category were: A Guide Book of Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars, by Rick Tomaska; A Guide Book of Modern United States Proof Sets, by David Lange; A Register of Liberty Seated Half Dollar Varieties, by Bill Bugert; Coin Collecting for the Next Generation, by Kevin Flynn; Confederate Treasury Certificates — A Collector’s Guide to IDRs, by George B. Tremmel, Pierre Fricke and John Martin Davis Jr.; Early Quarter Dollars of the United States Mint, by Rory R. Rea, Dr. Glenn Peterson, Bradley S. Karoleff and John J. Kovach Jr.; French Medallic Art, 1870-1940, by Nicolas Maier; Iowa Trade Tokens, by Gary Henderson; Medallic Portraits of Admiral Vernon, by John W. Adams and Dr. Fernando Chao, with the collaboration of Anne E. Bentley; 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins, by Steve Schechter and Jeff Garrett; 100 Greatest U.S. Error Coins, by Nicholas P. Brown, David J. Camire and Fred Weinberg; Quarterama, by Garrett Burke; Rare Coin Investing, by David L. Ganz; The True Hard Times Tokens, by Dr. Robert A. Schuman; Chris McCawley, Editor; and World War II United States Savings Bonds and Stamps, by Fred Schwan, Larry Smulczenski, James Downey and Mark Watson.

U.S. Commercial Numismatic Magazines

Best Article or Series of Articles — Coins: “The First ‘Nickel’ Five-Cent Piece,” Robert W. Julian, Coins Magazine.

Best Article or Series of Articles — Tokens and Medals: “Lincoln in Medallic Art,” David T. Alexander, COINage.

Best Article or Series of Articles — Paper Money: “High Fives,” Ron Meyer, COINage.

Best Column: “My Two Cents’ Worth,” Ed Reiter, COINage.

Best Issue: COINage, January 2011, Ed Reiter, Senior Editor; Marcy Gibbel, Managing Editor.
World Commercial Numismatic Magazines

Best Article or Series of Articles — Coins: “Platmynt 101,” Dr. Kerry Rodgers, Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine.

Best Article or Series of Articles — Tokens and Medals: “Sensational Journey, Prince of Wales in Canada, America,” Ronald Cheek, World Coins section of Coin World Special Edition, Oct. 4, 2010.

Best Article or Series of Articles — Paper Money: “The Cloth Money of Major Birkbeck’s Upington Border Scouts,” Kerry Rodgers, Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine.

Best Column: “From A to Z,” Bob Reis, World Coin News.

Best Issue: World Coin News, December 2010, David C. Harper, Editor.

Extraordinary Merit: “Alexander-Type Tetradrachms in the Names of His Successors,” Walter C. Holt, The Celator.

Non-Profit or Club Numismatic Publications

Best Article, Large Publications: “American Indian Treaty Payments,” Jon P. Amato, The Numismatist.

Best Column, Large Publications: “Early American Money,” John J. Kraljevich, The Numismatist.

Best Issue, Large Publications: ANS Magazine, Summer 2010, Peter Van Alfen, Editor.

Best Article, Small Publications: “How Monetary Policies Influenced Coinage Production at the Carson City Mint,” Rusty Goe, Curry’s Chronicle.

Best Column, Small Publications: “Selected Civil War Tokens,” Donald Erlenkotter, Civil War Token Journal.

Best Issue, Small Publications: Penny-Wise, May 2010, Early American Coppers, Harry Salyards, Editor.
Numismatic Newspapers

Best Spot News Story or Continuing Coverage of Developing Story in Numismatics: “Import Restrictions Impact Ancient Coin Collecting,” Steven Roach, Coin World.

Best Article or Series of Articles — Coins: “Greatest Lincoln Image Graces New Presidential Dollar,” Fred Reed, Coin World.

Best Article or Series of Articles — Tokens and Medals: “Twain Enjoys Rich Numismatic Legacy,” Jeff Starck, Coin World.

Best Article or Series of Articles — Paper Money: “Bronzing Planned for the Nationals,” Barbara A. Bither, Bank Note Reporter.

Best Column: “Shades of the Blue and Grey,” Fred L. Reed III, Bank Note Reporter.

Best Issue: Bank Note Reporter, January 2011, Robert R. Van Ryzin, Editor.

Non-Numismatic Publications

The Maurice M. Gould Memorial Award, Best Column: “Money Talk,” Frank J. Colletti, Lost Treasure Magazine.

Best Article: “America’s Most Mysterious Gold Coins,” Steven Roach, Texas Bar Journal.

Computer Software and Internet Web Sites

Best Web Site Article: “America’s Coinage Abroad,” David Lange, NGC eNewsletter.

Best Dealer Web Site:, Heritage Auction Galleries, Paul Minshull, Brian Shipman, Michael Weems and Ryan Sokol.

Best Non-Commercial Web Site:, American Numismatic Association, David Lighty.

Best Trade Press Web Site:, David Lisot, Executive Producer; Scott Purvis, Web Master.

Best Internet Blog: “The Buzz,” Dave Harper, Numismatic News.

Best Software: “Annual Assay Commission, United States Mint, 1800-1943,” Roger W. Burdette.

Auction Catalogs

Best Auction Catalog, Coins and Currency: “The Dan Holmes Collection of Large Cents, Parts 2-4,” Ira and

Larry Goldberg Auctioneers and McCawley-Grellman, The Copper Specialists.

Extraordinary Merit: “Platinum Night,” August 2010, Heritage Auctions.

Best Auction Catalog, Books And Exonumia: “The Philadelphia Americana Sale, Part Two,” Stack’s.
Commercial Publications

Lee Martin Founder’s Award for Best Investment Newsletter: Maurice H. Rosen, The Rosen Numismatic Advisory.

Best Dealer-Published Magazine Or Newspaper: Investor’s Profit Advisory, Universal Coin & Bullion Ltd., Michael R. Fuljenz, Editor.


Best All-Around Portfolio: Steven Roach, Coin World.

Best Writer in NLG Newsletter: Jerry Jordan.


Best Radio Report: “Things You ‘Know’ That Just Aren’t So,” Patrick A. Heller, 1320 WILS-AM, Lansing, Mich.

Best Non-Commercial Video: “How to Include Gold Coins in Your Portfolio,” Money Show of the Southwest 2010 Educational Seminar, Mike Fuljenz, Speaker; David Lisot, Producer.

Best Commercial Video: “The Frank A. Leach Specimen,” Jim Halperin and Steve Ivy. ¦

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