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1882-CC Morgan dollar replicas
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Published : 08/07/11
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I am having a hard time finding information on this token. I’ve found information on the company, but not the token.

Jerry Fager

Address withheld

The A.P. Green Fire Brick Co. of Mexico, Mo., was started in 1910 by Allen Percival Green. The company specialized in refractory products, or materials that retain their strength at high temperatures. The company still exists today, although now a division of ANH Refractories, a company in Moon Township, Pa.

The piece in question appears to be a store card (or token), good for $5 in merchandise, issued by the company’s commissary department. In this context, the use of the word “merchandise” would seem to indicate that the commissary was a company store as opposed to an employee dining area.

Humorously, the word “merchandise” on the reverse is misspelled as “mererchandise.”

Neither the Coin World library nor the Internet offers any information about its degree of rarity, its composition or the time period when it was issued. Anyone with additional information is welcome to contact Readers Ask.

I recently found two Morgan 1882-CC coins with “copy” stamped on them. What does this mean? And what does it do to the silver value?

Lew Thorpe

Address withheld

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