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2011 Proof and Silver Proof sets to go on sale in January

The United States Mint will begin offering its 2011 annual sets starting in January.

The Mint’s 2011 Proof set will be offered beginning on Jan. 11. The Mint’s 2011 Silver Proof set will be available on Jan. 25.

The 2011 Uncirculated Mint set will be released beginning on Feb. 8.

Mint officials said pricing for the sets will be release shortly before the sets go on sale.

The Mint’s Proof set consists of 14 coins, all struck with a Proof finish. Coins in the set include a Lincoln cent, Jefferson 5-cent coin, Roosevelt dime and Kennedy half dollar. Circulating commemorative coins in the set comprise the Sacagawea, Native American dollar (featuring a reverse design commemorating the Wampanoag Treaty of 1621), four Presidential dollars (with obverses featuring Presidents Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes and James Garfield), and five America the Beautiful quarter dollars (with reverses featuring Gettysburg National Military Park, Glacier National Park, Olympic National Park, Vicksburg National Military Park and Chickasaw National Recreation Area).

The Silver Proof set contains the same coins as the Proof set, but the dime, quarter dollars and half dollar in the Silver Proof set are struck in a 90 percent silver, 10 percent copper alloy rather than in the standard copper-nickel clad alloy.

All Proof coins bear the S Mint mark of the San Francisco Mint.

The 2011 Uncirculated Mint set consists of 28 coins — 14 coins (cent, 5-cent coin, dime, five quarter dollars, half dollar, five dollars) struck at the Philadelphia Mint and bearing the P Mint mark, and 14 coins struck at the Denver Mint with a D Mint mark.

On Oct. 12, Mint officials announced that the 2011 Uncirculated Mint set coins will not bear a Satin Finish, which had been used for coins in Mint sets produced from 2005 to 2010. Instead, the 2011 Mint set coins will be struck with a Brilliant Uncirculated finish similar to that used for Mint sets prior to 2005. ¦

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