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20-centavos coin in 5-cent roll: O'Rourke

Found in Rolls column from June 13, 2016, weekly issue of Coin World:

Occasionally I search through a large number of one denomination of coin. This month I concentrated my efforts on looking through as many rolls of 5-cent coins as I could get my hands on. I ended up working my way through 100 rolls or what should have been 4,000 coins.

Six of the rolls were minus one coin each, so I really searched through 3,994 coins. I found it unusual that the rolls that were actually shorted were the only ones I obtained that were contained in shrink-wrapped plastic. They should have been the most accurately counted since they were wrapped and delivered by coin-counting companies and were not rolls wrapped and cashed in by customers of the bank. 

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Coins within the rolls included some unexpected United States issues. One neat piece was a 1911 Liberty Head 5-cent coin in Good condition. Another fantastic (although not particularly valuable) find was a Proof 1961 Jefferson 5-cent coin. This example has no marks on it nor does it possess any unusual toning. It looks as though it were taken right out of a well cared for Proof set the day before I found it. It is a great looking coin! 

Other fun finds included a 1939 Jefferson 5-cent coin that would be graded About Uncirculated 58 and three 1938 Jefferson 5-cent pieces that are easily Extremely Fine 45 or better in condition. 

Still technically issues of the United States, two 1944-D 20-centavo pieces turned up in the same hand-wrapped roll.

Minted for the Commonwealth of the Philippines under the Administration of the United States, these World War II era coins found in the middle of what seemed like a ton of “nickels” were quite a surprise. Measuring 21 millimeters in diameter, they are only slightly smaller in diameter than a U.S. 5-cent coin so they fit nicely in the roll. Struck on planchets weighing 4 grams, they are of a .750 fine silver alloy.

The obverse features a female standing beside a hammer and anvil, with the denomination TWENTY CENTAVOS seen above and FILIPINAS below. A representation of Mount Mayon as a simmering volcano can be seen to the viewer’s right. The reverse bears an eagle with open wings above a shield. The legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is seen encircling the eagle and shield, with the date below. The D Mint mark is seen to the left between the date and the word UNITED.

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