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1985-D Washington quarter realizes $3,775 in auction

Unlike the 1932-D and 1932-S issues from the first year of the Washington quarter dollar, a 1985-D Washington quarter wouldn’t cross anybody’s radar as a scarce coin.

Examples can still be found with some luck in circulation and it has a typical high mintage of the era at 519,962,888 pieces. Many nice examples remain in Uncirculated Coin sets, but like many quarters of the 1980s, it is elusive in very top grades. 

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PCGS has graded 219 of them in MS-66, and one of these sold for just $21 in a recent eBay auction, while PCGS has seen only 16 in MS-67, with two in MS-67+ that share the title as the finest known.

One of these MS-67+ quarter dollars brought $3,377.25 at an Oct. 7, 2018, GreatCollections auction, providing incentive for people to take a close look at these seemingly common issues that can become conditionally rare in the highest grades. 

Demand from registry set collectors continues to put pressure on the finest-certified examples of these common coins as collectors compete to have the best sets. 

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