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An Ike dollar error that's weird but desirable

Among the more unusual consignments at Heritage’s auctions held before and during the 2017 Florida United Numismatists convention in Fort Lauderdale was the Blue Angel Collection of error 1976 Bicentennial Washington quarter dollars, Kennedy half dollars and Bicentennial dollars.

These were struck in 1975 and 1976 and each carries the dual-date of 1776-1976. The distinct reverse designs make them popular as type coins and the collection’s three dozen error coins represent a variety of examples of how things can go wrong in the minting process. 

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Here is one of three we're profiling in this Market Analysis series:

The Lot:

1976 Eisenhower dollar, reverse indented by a quarter dollar planchet, Mint State 64 

The Price:


The Story:

Error coins look weird, and, usually, the odder they look, the rarer and more desirable they are. One of the Eisenhower, Bicentennial dollars in the Blue Angel Collection showcased a reverse indented by a quarter dollar planchet, according to the Professional Coin Grading Service. The error occurred when a planchet intended for a Washington quarter dollar was mixed in with Eisenhower copper-nickel dollar planchets.

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This quarter dollar planchet was then struck between the reverse die and the dollar planchet, resulting in an indent in the lower left reverse. The quarter planchet did not stick to the dollar, but the resulting void creates a virtual second moon on the reverse and, explains Heritage, “The borders of the Ike dollar are softly impressed except opposite the quarter indent, since the width of the quarter planchet interfered with the peripheral strike.”

Eisenhower dollar

Eisenhower dollar: Soon after Dwight D. Eisenhower's death in 1969, legislation calling for a dollar coin depicting his likeness was introduced in Congress. How much are Eisenhower dollars worth?

Graded Mint State 64 by PCGS, the neat looking error sold for $1,997.50.

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