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1933 double eagle trial: Government wins

This is one of 10 1933 Saint-Gaudens gold double eagles that remain at the center of a long-running legal dispute between the federal government and a Pennsylvania family that claims ownership of the coins.

Images by Thomas Mulvaney, courtesy of U.S. Mint.

Associate Editor Steve Roach reports from the courtroom that the federal jury has rendered an unanimous verdict in favor of the government in the 1933 double eagle trial. A press conference is in progress. The Langbords left immediately upon hearing the verdict. 

The verdict establishes that the government is the owner of the 10 1933 double eagles. The Langbord family turned over to the government the 10 coins in 2003 seeking an opinion on authenticity. The government confiscated the coins instead of returning them to the family. The Langbords had filed suit claiming ownership rights.

In-depth story to follow Thursday morning.

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