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1795 Flowing Hair silver dollar has Head of 1794

Among the many collections presented at Heritage’s various auctions held Jan. 3 to 8 in conjunction with the Florida United Numismatists convention in Tampa were selections from the estate of Heritage cataloger Dr. Jon Amato, who passed away last year. Amato’s type set was especially strong in its presentation of handsome type coins in collector grades, and the more than 40 coins offered from his collection provided evidence of the careful connoisseurship of this researcher, whose contributions to the hobby will be long-remembered.

Here’s one of three highlights from the Amato type set:

The Lot:

1795 Flowing Hair silver dollar, BB-18 die marriage, PCGS genuine, Cleaned, Very Fine Details, 

The Price:


The Story:

Dr. Amato did not shy away from adding coins with small problems to his type set as long as the problems did not significantly impact the eye appeal of a coin. This is seen with his 1795 Flowing Hair silver dollar graded by Professional Coin Grading Service as Genuine, Cleaned, Very Fine Details. The obverse die employs the bust of Liberty seen on 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollars with the Three Leaves variety reverse.

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The distinctive variety — classified as B-7, BB-18 in Q. David Bowers and Mark Borckardt’s reference Silver Dollars and Trade Dollars of the United States: A Complete Encyclopedia — features 14 berries on the reverse, split evenly with seven berries on each branch.

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Given the rarity of 1794 dollars, this handsome example provides an alternative and is a solid type coin to boot. The surfaces remain a bit glossy from an old cleaning, but it has since toned in rich green and gold colors. It sold for $2,880 on Jan. 3 and hopefully will grace another collector’s type set.

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