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Sleeping Beauty to awaken German collector coin program in 2015

Sleeping Beauty is the announced subject of Germany’s 2015 10-euro coin in the annual Grimms' Fairy Tales series.

Images courtesy of the German Federal Ministry of Finance.

Sleeping Beauty is the theme of Germany’s first €10 coin in 2015.

The announcement was made June 4 by the Bundesministerium der Finanzen (the German Federal Ministry of Finance). The coin will be issued in February, according to the announcement.

The Sleeping Beauty coin will be the fourth in a six-year series (that began in 2012) focusing on Grimms' Fairy Tales.

Marianne Dietz designed the coin, which will show Sleeping Beauty asleep in a chair, thorny rose stems on either side of the scene. 

The reverse shows a version of the federal eagle, the face value and the D Mint mark of the Bavarian mint in Munich. The 12 stars of the European Union also appear with the year date.

Incuse edge lettering translates to A HUNDRED YEARS DEEP SLEEP.

Germany will issue two versions, as it has for all €10 coins since May of 2011, when the price of silver forced Germany’s Mints to raise the price of the €10 coin in silver, as well as issue a copper-nickel version for sale at face value. That move came months after the weight and fineness of the silver coins were reduced. 

The Proof .625 fine silver €10 coins weigh 16 grams, and the Uncirculated copper-nickel coin weighs 14 grams.

Germany’s annual commemorative coin programs generally feature five €10 coin designs in a series, with a different design struck at each of the nation’s five mints and issued at the rate of one design per year.

The 2015 Grimms' Fairy Tales coin follows the release of a Hansel and Gretel coin this year, and a Snow White coin in 2013. The coin that began the series in 2012 celebrated the birth bicentennial of the Brothers Grimm. 

Future subjects of the program are not yet disclosed.

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