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Silver American Eagle bullion sales climb for third straight month

Silver American Eagle bullion sales by the U.S. Mint totaled 5,529,000 ounces in July 2015.

Images courtesy of APMEX.

Sales of the U.S. Mint's American Eagle silver bullion coins to authorized purchasers totaled 5,529,000 ounces in July 2015, up from 4,840,000 ounces in June, and more than double the 1,975,000 ounces sold in July 2014, according to Mint figures posted online Aug. 3.

The monthly total, the second-highest of 2015, behind January's 5,530,000, came during a July that saw a 20-day halt on sales beginning June 7 caused by a depleted supply.

Sales resumed July 27, and 2,545,000 ounces were sold over the next two days.

After a second straight strong month, total U.S. Mint American Eagle silver bullion sales in 2015 are tracking ahead of 2014's seven-month total. 

To the end of July, 27,315,000 ounces of American Eagle silver bullion coins were sold in 2015. During 2014's first seven months, 26,103,500 ounces were sold.

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