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Royal Canadian Mint waves flag with annual silver dollar

No other symbol is as synonymous with Canada as its distinctive red-and-white flag with a red maple leaf at the center.

The emblem that became the National Flag of Canada was proclaimed so by Queen Elizabeth II, effective Feb. 15, 1965, after a measure approving the change was adopted by Parliament in 1964. 

To celebrate the National Flag of Canada’s 50th anniversary, the RCM showcases the flag on the annual .999 fine silver Dollar.

For several years, the annual silver dollar has been issued in multiple versions, and 2015 is no different. In addition to a Brilliant Uncirculated version, a standard Proof issue and a colorful silver Proof version are available.

The reverse design by Canadian artist John Mantha brings together symbolic elements that reflect how the Canadian flag is perceived both at home and abroad. 

Occupying much of the image’s field, the famous red flag — its white center square bearing the stylized red maple leaf — billows at full-mast atop a flagpole. Beneath it, a backpacker stands turned to the right, gazing at the horizon beyond a landscape that is a cross-section of Canada. 

The addition of a small Canadian flag on his backpack reflects a common practice of Canadian travelers that “speaks to the respect and recognition this national symbol receives throughout the world,” according to the RCM.

The flag’s 50th anniversary is highlighted with a ring of 50 maple leafs forming a border to the design.

The silver $1 coins each weigh 23.17 grams and measure 36.07 millimeters in diameter. 

The BU version has a mintage limit of 15,000 pieces and retails for $54.95 Canadian.

The Proof version is limited to a mintage of 20,000 pieces and retails for $59.95 Canadian.

The selectively colored version is available only as part of an annual silver Proof set, which also includes selective gold plating on the $1 and $2 coins. The silver Proof sets contain .9999 fine silver versions of each of the six Canadian circulation coin denominations, from 5-cent to $2, plus the annual silver dollar.

The silver Proof set has a mintage limit of 20,000 sets. Each is packaged in genuine leather book-style packaging and retails for $229.95 Canadian.

The annual silver dollar is the second 2015 issue to celebrate the flag anniversary, following an earlier-released silver $25 coin sold at face value that carried the theme.

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Collectors may order directly from the RCM website The purchase price at the time of order will be based on the exchange rate. 

Distributors serving collectors in Canada and the U.S. offer the coins at fixed prices in U.S. dollars.

Talisman Coins offers the BU coin for $44.95 U.S., with the standard Proof version sold at $47.95. Talisman sells the silver Proof set for $184.95 U.S.

Gatewest Coins offers the BU dollar for $45.95 and the standard Proof dollar for $49.95. The silver Proof set is $189.95 through Gatewest.

To order from either distributor, visit the Talisman website or the Gatewest website.

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