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World coin review service WINGS adds sticker option

Third-party review service WINGS Coins has updated security features for its stickers and bolstered the color offerings.

In addition, the firm announced that it was opening its list of authorized dealers to additional member dealers. 

The firm announced Feb. 2 that it would begin offering an oval silver sticker, used to indicate coins that are “solid for the grade.”

The silver sticker joins the gold sticker already in use, which indicates coins that are of “premium quality” within the assigned grade. 

The color of the gold sticker was made more golden, according to Larry Michelson, company co-president, but he did not explain what other security features were added. 

The gold sticker will continue to be placed on world coins, tokens or medals that meet WINGS’ criteria for premium quality. 

“The new ‘WINGS Silver Sticker’ affords collectors and dealers the confidence to know that their item is a quality coin and in the opinion of WINGS is ‘solid for the grade,’ ” said Michelson.

Due to WINGS’ expansion, it is now opening up its registration for dealers seeking to become a WINGS authorized dealer. 

WINGS will be taking on-site submissions at the Baltimore Whitman Coin Expo from March 26 to 29. No extra charge is applied for show walk-throughs. No minimum submissions are required and no membership fees are charged.

WINGS Coins LLC was established in 2008 to review certified world coins, tokens or medals. If, in the reviewer's opinion, an item is premium quality for the assigned grade, the firm's tamper- and fraud-proof gold sticker will be placed on the qualifying encapsulation. 

If the reviewer determines the item to be “solid for the grade,” the tamper- and fraud-proof silver sticker is applied. 

WINGS provides a service similar to Certified Acceptance Corporation except that WINGS Coins limits its review process to world items whereas CAC reviews only U.S. items.

WINGS founder, finalizer and co-president is Lance Tchor, who has been a full time coin dealer since 1977.

For more information visit the firm’s website.

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