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Where are the millions of Series 2013 $100 notes?

The monthly production reports from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing are usually boring listings of denominations and amounts of notes printed for each Federal Reserve district at the plants in Washington, D.C., and Fort Worth, Texas. Once in a while however, something catches your attention, such as the notice that in April 2017, the Fort Worth facility printed 35,200,000 Series 2013 $100 notes for the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank.

These are not the first 2013 $100 notes. From October 2014 to the following March, Fort Worth printed 140,800,000 regular Series 2013 notes and 21,120,000 star notes for the New York bank. Then from February through April of this year they printed another 140,800,000, also for New York.

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This becomes interesting, however, because Series 2009A $100 notes were still being printed as of March 2017, and regular and star 2009A notes for New York were produced through October 2016, after the 2013 notes were made.

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A mystery is what has happened to more than 300 million Series 2013 notes. The two major grading services, Paper Money Guaranty and PCGS Currency, report no submissions, as if the notes do not even exist. Inquiries have been made to the BEP asking whether any of them have been released, and if so, when and where? BEP officials referred Coin World to the Federal Reserve for comments.

The Series 2013 serial numbers begin with M; the second letter represents the Federal Reserve district, B for New York and F for Atlanta. 

Has any Coin World reader seen one? Contact us here.

In the meantime, Coin World is awaiting a response from the Federal Reserve.

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