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Obama's signing of silver law the week's top story

The focus of this week's top story was legislation signed into law Dec. 4 by President Obama would provide the Treasury secretary the discretion to permit the Mint leeway in the alloying metal or metals for 90 percent silver coins and commemorative silver dollars as long as the minimum silver content is 90 percent.

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It’s time to catch up on the week that was in numismatic insights and news.

Coin World is looking back at its five most-read stories of the week, according to reader metrics.

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5. Mint sells all 4,000 Proof 2015-W American Eagle platinum coins in minutes: It reportedly took less than 10 minutes for the coins to be bought by collectors, dealers and speculators, even with a household ordering limit of just one coin.

4. Demand drives silver American Eagle to new heights, new record: Demand for American Eagle silver bullion coins in 2015 has been like no other in the nearly three decades the coins have been struck and sold by the U.S. Mint.

3. Jan. 7 mail-bid sale includes contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins: In some instances, examples of some contemporary counterfeits are rarer than their genuine counterparts.

2. Denver Mint mark challenge increased: Q. David Bowers: It was nearly three years ago that I became intrigued with a certain 1975-D Jefferson 5-cent coin with the D Mint mark in a strange position — to the left of the 5 of the date instead of down from it.

1. Obama signs law to change composition of 90 percent silver coins: Treasury Department and U.S. Mint officials now have authority to change the 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper alloy used for commemorative silver dollars and the coins in the annual Silver Proof sets.

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