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Website offers research for coin provenance

A new website offers to save collectors, dealers and museums hours in determining the provenance of ancient coins.

Image courtesy of Ex-Numis.

A new website called Ex-Numis offers collectors, dealers and museums a new option for use in determining provenance, or the ownership history, of ancient coins.

The tool could prove especially valuable given the current cultural property climate, as more nations seek to expand protection for artifacts like coins, which may have traveled widely. Instead of looking through thousands of auction catalogs attempting to establish a chain of ownership, you can now send a request to

Beyond legal considerations, collectors often value provenance history for coins with pedigrees to famous collections, and the website allows users seeking such connections to reduce research time significantly.

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Jonas Flueck, a young scholar with some experience in the coin auction business, according to the firm, founded Ex-Numis, which uses an image recognition program to compare images fed into the system to almost a million images of ancient coins from auctions dating back to the 19th century. The archive is constantly expanded and continues to 2000. 

While using the service entails a fee, new users may receive 25 credits to try the service for free. 

For more information, visit the website.

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