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Final watercraft on world coins book now available

The third and final book in a trilogy cataloging watercraft on world coins is being released in December.

Image courtesy of Yossi Dotan and The Alpha Press.

The third volume in author Yossi Dotan’s Watercraft on World Coins trilogy is ready for ordering. 

Dotan is a “numisnautical” researcher, a recognized expert in modern coins depicting watercraft. Volume III: Africa and Oceania, 1800-2011, is set for release in December by publisher The Alpha Press.  

Watercraft on World Coins is a three-volume catalog that narrates all “ship coins” issued from 1800. Volume I presents the coins of the nations in Europe until 2005 and has 287 pages. Volume II with 359 pages narrates the coins issued in America and Asia through 2008. Volume III has 460 pages in which the coins of the countries in Africa and Oceania are presented until 2011.

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The catalog is arranged by country and, within each country, by Krause-Mishler number (from the Standard Catalog of World Coins, to which Dotan is a contributor). All coins of a country with a common ship design are grouped together under one heading. Both circulating and noncirculating coins are included.

Volume III narrates 955 designs and, interestingly, reflects the growth in the popularity of ship coins with collectors: 35 percent of all designs in this volume were issued during the final six years the catalog covers (2006 though 2011), with the remaining 65 percent from the preceding 206 years (1800 to 2005).

The third volume is illustrated with 770 images and is published for $79.95.

To order, visit a special page at the publisher’s website

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