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United Kingdom plans Brexit 50-penny coin

The Royal Mint has celebrated past European political events on 50-penny coins, including this 1992 coin for the United Kingdom’s presidency of the European Council.

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Economic uncertainty regarding the March 29 “Brexit” remains high, but one thing for certain is that the Royal Mint will issue a coin to commemorate the event.

The United Kingdom government confirmed plans for the coin in the annual 2018 budget released Oct. 29. 

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Amy James, a representative of the Royal Mint’s communications team, told Coin World via email: “I can confirm that the Brexit coin will be struck on a 50p coin. However at this moment in time we cannot confirm what metal versions will be available.”

The British decision to leave the European Union was the surprising result of an election in 2016.

That the Royal Mint would commemorate the event with a coin is less surprising.

The Royal Mint has a long-established tradition of producing coins to commemorate historic moments, including the 2012 Olympics, the United Kingdom’s accession to the European Economic Community, and the centenary of the First World War. 

“In line with this tradition, the Royal Mint will produce a coin to commemorate the UK leaving the European Union. This coin will be available in Spring 2019,” the budget document revealed.

In 1973, the Royal Mint issued a 50-penny coin for the aforementioned UK accession to the EEC. Other 50-penny coins with similar themes followed in 1992, marking the UK’s European Council Presidency, and in 1998, to mark the 25th anniversary of Britain’s entrance into the common market, or EEC, the organization that preceded the EU and paved the way for the eurozone.

Though the Royal Mint would not disclose what versions might be available, most commemorative coins are issued in an Uncirculated base metal option, with silver and gold versions struck in Proof. Sometimes double-thick (piedfort) silver versions and platinum versions are also offered. 

Coin World will report on the design when it is unveiled, and the versions when they are confirmed. 

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