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U.S. Mint says 2014 gold American Eagle Proof set sold out

U.S. Mint officials reported Dec. 22 that the four-coin 2014-W gold Proof American Eagle set is sold out and no longer available.

Image courtesy of U.S. Mint.

The four-coin gold Proof 2014-W American Eagle set is sold out, U.S. Mint officials announced Dec. 22.

Sales, however. did not reach the maximum product limit of 15,000 sets. At the time of the sellout, the U.S. Mint was offering the set for $2,890. The latest sales figure available indicates 8,860 sets were sold.

The individual Proof American Eagle gold coins and and the four-coin set, including 1-ounce coin and fractional amounts, both went on sale April 3.

The Proof American Eagles gold coins, struck at the West Point Mint and bearing the W Mint mark, were offered in several sizes: as single 1-ounce, $50 face value coins; single half-ounce, $25 face value coins; single quarter-ounce, $10 face value coins; and single tenth-ounce, $5 face value coins. One of each of the four versions was included the four-coin set.

The 1-ounce coin with a single-coin product limit of 20,000 coins was reported sold out in August, leaving the four-coin set as the only product option to acquire the coin from the Mint.

The single half-ounce gold, quarter-ounce gold and tenth-ounce gold coins are listed on the Mint's website as no longer being available.

The half-ounce and quarter-ounce coins each had single coin product limits of 10,000, while the tenth-ounce gold coin had a single coin maximum of 20,000 coins. Adam Stump, deputy director of the Mint's Office of Corporate Communications, said the product limit represents the maximum number of an individual product the Mint will produce.

Sales through Dec. 14 show 19,949 of the 1-ounce, 5,908 of the half-ounce, 6,000 of the quarter-ounce and 14,000 of the tenth-ounce recorded sold.

Gold Proof American Eagles were sold by the Mint according to an established pricing grid based on the closing spot price of the precious metal.

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