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U.S. Mint provides details on American Eagle quarter-ounce errors

The production of 2021-W American Eagle quarter-ounce gold $10 bullion coins with unfinished Proof dies was executed in a single day at the West Point Mint.

Images courtesy of Todd Pollock, BluCC Photos.

The West Point Mint’s production of 2021-W American Eagle quarter-ounce gold $10 bullion coins with an unfinished Proof obverse die was executed in one day.

Todd Martin, deputy chief of the U.S. Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, acknowledged Nov. 22 that the 7,924 error coins he identified as being released were all struck at the West Point Mint on Aug. 24 during dedicated production of quarter-ounce gold bullion coins.

The error coins bear a bullion issue finish, but their obverse has a W Mint mark below the date on the obverse, characteristic of a die that is to be reserved solely for Proof and Uncirculated releases.

The Mint determined that the 7,924 coins struck with an unfinished Proof die were struck with the proper planchets. However the obverse die did not yet have the mirrored surfaces that would have been applied on properly prepared dies intended for Proof releases.

The production error was discovered by numismatist Gerald Medel from Lakeside Coins in San Diego, California, from coins he and fellow numismatist Todd Pollock from BluCC Photos in Sacramento, California, secured from multiple sources. Since their discovery of more than 60 coins, additional examples have been identified by other collectors from bullion issues they received from separate sources.

Ian Russell, whose online auction firm Great Collections has been selling certified examples since Oct. 31, indicated that as of Nov. 22, 1,031 examples have been graded, combined, by Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guaranty Co.

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