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Trinidad and Tobago issues new note

Newly released Trinidad and Tobago $50 polymer notes celebrate the “golden” anniversary of the islands’ central bank.

The face of the gold-colored notes features vignettes of the nation’s coat of arms, a red hibiscus flower and a red-capped cardinal bird in flight.

The wings of the red-capped cardinal change color from green to blue as the note is tilted back and forth. The image of the bird is positioned over a clear window and is visible on both sides.

The back design depicts a young female Carnival masquerader in her costume and a vignette of the bank’s headquarters.

The annual Carnival celebration is held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday in the spring. The event features music and dancers in colorful costumes.

The notes were released Dec. 8 and were expected to be in wide circulation by the end of the month. Bank officials say by March 2015, the polymer $50 note will begin to be dispensed from ATMs.

According to a bank news release, the bank is “the first central bank in the Caribbean and the fifth in the Western Hemisphere to issue polymer notes.”

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