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Transition from Series 2017 to 2017A continues at BEP

Series 2017 $1 Federal Reserve notes have been printed for all 12 districts. However, according to the latest information from the BEP, no Series 2017A $1 notes have been printed.

Original images courtesy of Paper Money Guaranty.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has released its final monthly production reports for the 2019 fiscal year, as well as the October 2019 report, the first for FY 2020.

The highlight for collectors, based on the four reports, is a limited run of Series 2017A $2 notes. They were printed at the BEP facility in Fort Worth, Texas, in August and September for all Federal Reserve Bank districts except Atlanta and San Francisco. The largest output was 25.6 million notes for the New York bank, followed by 12.8 million for Richmond, Chicago, and Dallas. A total of 6.4 million notes for each bank were reported for Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Dallas. The only 2017A $2 star notes made thus far are the 4.24 million printed for Philadelphia. 

Excluding star notes, the total so far is 115,200,000 notes. The Federal Reserve print order was for 153,600,000 notes for FY 2019.

Series 2017A $5, $10, and $100 notes have joined the previously reported $20 note. 

The $5 notes were printed in Fort Worth for Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Dallas, along with star notes for Chicago and Dallas. All issues from this series have serial numbers beginning with “P” in contrast to the “N” on the Series 2017 notes. 

The $10 notes arrived on the scene in October when the Washington, D.C., facility printed bills for Boston and Atlanta, as well as star notes for Atlanta. 

Printing of Series 2017A $100 notes began in July and August at Fort Worth, with star notes for the San Francisco bank. Regular $100 notes have so far been made for New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. 

Series 2017A $20 notes are now reported for every Federal Reserve district except Philadelphia and San Francisco. All but those for Dallas were made in Washington. Star notes were printed only for Atlanta and Dallas.

The BEP has not provided an official explanation as to what differentiates Series 2017A notes from those designated 2017. Both have the signature combination of Treasurer Jovita Carranza and Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.

With the August and October printing of Series 2017 $1 notes for Philadelphia at the Washington facility, once they are released it will be possible to complete a Series 2017 district set. Cleveland and Minneapolis are the only two Federal Reserve districts for which notes were printed in both Fort Worth and Washington. The Minneapolis issue may be worth watching, as only 38,400,000 notes were printed thus far in each facility.

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