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Switzerland’s 50-franc note receives second award

Switzerland’s new 50-franc note wins its second major award, after being named IBNS Banknote of the Year for 2016. The second award, also for the best note of 2016, is from the International Association of Currency Affairs.

Original images courtesy of International Bank Note Society.

The International Association of Currency Affairs, a trade group of more than 60 central banks, finance ministries, security printers, cash management companies, and suppliers, met in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, in May and announced its annual currency award winners. IACA professional membership voted on five categories.

Winners for 2016 were: in Best New Banknote/Series, the Swiss National Bank, for the new 50-franc note, which also won the IBNS Banknote of the Year Award; and in Best New Commemorative or Limited Circulation Banknote, the National Bank of Poland, for its commemorative 20-zloty note celebrating the 1,050th anniversary of baptism in Poland (the note has the portraits of Prince Mieszko I and his Bohemian wife Dobrawa and an image of Gniezno Cathedral). 

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Awards were also given to Innovia Security for establishing a recycling program for polymer bank notes, and to the Bank of Canada and the European Central Bank for their communications programs. The Canadian award was for the “Is She #Banknotable?” public consultation campaign to select a woman to appear on its $10 in 2018; the ECB’s was for its initiatives with the new Europa Series €20 and €50 notes.

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The final award was a new category, Best New House Note, or notes made by printers for their own commercial purposes. From a field of eight candidates, the house note of the German paper manufacturer Louisenthal won the delegates’ vote. Its “Water” House note features RollingStar LEAD foil and RollingStar registered thread. The award citation said its “striking animated stripe provides optimal design freedom for strong visual appeal and authentication.” 

The list of finalists and of the winners (with images) in all categories are posted on the IACA website.

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