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Swiss specimen note among highlights of upcoming Sincona sale

A specimen Swiss 50-frank note will be offered Oct. 17 by Sincona. The face has a vignette of a head of a young woman and the back shows a man leading a large bull.

Images courtesy of Swiss International Coin Auction AG.

Bank notes, coins and notgeld are among the lots in Auction 21 offered by Swiss International Coin Auction AG (Sincona) on Oct. 17 in the Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville in Zurich, Switzerland.

Among the nearly 800 lots is a specimen 50-frank note of Switzerland from 1941, Lot 5357. The specimen has an estimate of 15,000 Swiss francs (about $16,000 in U.S. funds).

The face design features a vignette of the head of a young woman, while the back shows a farmer leading a large bull. The word “SPECIMEN” is printed in red on both sides and the note has several star-shaped punch-cancel marks.

A 1914 Belgian 20-franc note (Lot 5008) features a portrait of King Leopold 1 on the face. The back has elaborate guilloche as the main design element.

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