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Suriname puts higher denomination notes in circulation

Residents of Suriname will begin seeing new, higher denomination bank notes in addition to those already in circulation.

Images courtesy of Central Bank of Suriname.

The Central Bank of Suriname released a pair of new, higher-denomination bank notes on March 22. The new values are 200 Suriname dollars and 500 Suriname dollars, or SRD, as they are usually called in Suriname to avoid confusion with the U.S. dollar. 

The two new notes have respective exchange values in U.S. funds of $5.68 and $14.20 and augment the already circulating SRD 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 notes.

A statement from the bank said the notes were created to allow cash payments of large amounts to be made with fewer notes, to shorten waiting times at ATMs, and to reduce the load on and breakdown of these machines.

The faces of the two notes are identical to the other five denominations, featuring a rendering of the Central Bank building in Paramaribo, the national coat of arms in the lower left, and a holographic band. All notes measure 140 x 70 mm and are printed on a paper substrate.

The back of the light green SRD 200 note shows a tree at left and a fishing boat in the center. The light purple SRD 500 note has a tree on the left and a harvester in the center. With one exception, the notes’ security devices are identical. Both have dynamic color-changing security threads that are adapted to the color of the note, watermarks, intaglio printing, latent images that become visible when the note is tilted, transparent windows, see-through registers, and features on both sides printed with fluorescent ink visible only under ultraviolet light.

The exception is that the SRD 200 note has a Rolling Star LEAD color-changing stripe that goes from gold to green and on which the value 200 changes into a star and seeds from a sandbox tree. The SRD 500 note has a Varifeye ColorChange Patch that is gold when viewed from above and has a 500 that flips into a star, but when held up to light it shows a fruit from a moriche palm in deep blue. Both devices were developed by Louisenthal.

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