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Remember the illegible signature on new notes?

The new scretary of Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, had to go back to the drawing board for his note signature. On recent episode of CNBC’s “Sqauwk Box” he detailed his handwriting and why it had to improve.

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New Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin sat down with CNBC’s Squawk Box Feb. 23 to discuss his new position, and among the discussion points was his signature that will appear on new Federal Resrve notes going forward.

Mnuchin’s signature made headlines last month when it was revealed he had in the past employed a messy, hard-to-read version.

Apparently he’s cleaning it up for Federal Reserve notes.

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“My kids and others have encouraged me to have a new signature, so I’ve been practicing it so it’ll be nice and neat on the money,” Mnuchin said during the CNBC segment.

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The video below contains his full remarks on his new position, and shows his new and improved signature. (Fast forward to the 17:00 mark if you want to skip right to that part.)

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