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Stars glow in the dark on new Canadian coin

A 2015 silver $25 coin from the Royal Canadian Mint glows in the dark, with the reverse seen in normal light, top, and in the dark at bottom.

Images courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint.

A 2015 silver coin from the Royal Canadian Mint employs color and photoluminescence to tell the story of a native tradition.

This first silver Canadian glow-in-the-dark coin shows the Big Dipper, among the most recognized formations in the night sky. Many First Nations legends describe the Big Dipper as a great bear who is hunted ceaselessly by three hunters. The first issue in a four-coin series shows Plains Ojibwa hunters answering the elders’ call to stop the bear before it kills all the animals in the forest and brings starvation to the people.

Western Ojibwa artist Cyril Assiniboine design showcases the hunters’ Saulteaux dress, with face paint and the ceremonial shield (with symbolic bear claw motif). In the background, the Big Dipper is a sign of the eternal hunt to come. 

The photoluminescence is found on the stars of the constellation and elsewhere on the design.

The Proof .9999 fine silver $25 coin weighs 31.83 grams, measures 40 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage limit of 7,500 pieces. Its official issue price is $104.95 Canadian. 

Two distributors offer the coin at fixed U.S. dollar prices to North American buyers; Gatewest Coins sells the coin for $91.95, and Talisman Coins’ price is $94.95. 

Contact Gatewest at 888-565-2646 or visit its website

Contact Talisman at 888-552-2646 or visit its website.

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