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Spink to auction more than 1,000 world bank notes Dec. 7

More than 1,000 lots of world bank notes will be offered at auction Dec. 7 to 8 at Spink headquarters in London.

The first 251 lots are from the Michael “Dickie” Bird collection of English bank notes.

The next lots feature other English bank notes and notes from Scotland. The British selection is followed by notes from around the world, cataloged by nation beginning with Abyssinia and ending with Yugoslavia.

Lots 1 to 531 will be offered beginning at 2 p.m. Dec. 7 and Lots 600 to 1,198 will be offered beginning at 10 a.m. Dec. 8. Both sessions will be conducted at Spink’s offices at 69 Southampton Row, Bloosmbury, London and on Spink Live online.

For more information, contact Barnaby Faull by telephone at 44 (0) 20 7563 4031 or by email at, or visit the firm’s website at

Some British highlights:

April 6, 1889, Bank of England £5 black and white note, bearing a “small hand stamp and numeral in the low center of the note,” Lot 3, About Extremely Fine.

1914 Treasury Series £1 note, Lot 19, EF, “has a central crease.”

Sept. 25, 1920, Bank of England £5 note, Lot 41, EF.

1930 Bank of England £10 note, Lot 68, Uncirculated.

June 1, 1937, Bank of England £5 note, Lot 89, Good EF.

1948 Bank of England £1 note, the “first of a rare replacement series,” Lot 122, Good EF.

Circa 1750 unissued note printed for Child & Co., Lot 264, “slight toning around the edges,” EF.

Circa 1820 plate proof of a 1-guinea note printed for the Bank of Scotland, Lot 412, Good EF.

Jan. 3, 1898, Caledonian Banking Co. Ltd. £1 note, Inverness, Scotland, Lot 452, Good Very Fine.

Some highlights for other regions:

Circa 1915, Abyssinia, 10-taler note printed for the Bank of Abyssinia, perforated specimen, Lot 600, Good EF.

Australia, £5 note specimen printed for the Bank of Victoria Ltd. in Melbourne, perforated canceled, Lot 611, Good EF.

2006 Brunei 10,000-ringgit note, Lot 645, Uncirculated.

Jan. 1, 1899, Egypt, £1 note printed for the National Bank of Egypt, perforated specimen, Lot 687, Uncirculated.

Feb. 23, 1911, Italy, 100-lira note issued by the Banco di Napoli, Lot 890, About VF, pinholes.

Oct. 1, 1890, Mexico, 1-peso note specimen printed for the El Banco de Vera Cruz, perforated specimen, Lot 971, Uncirculated.

2004, Thailand, 50-baht commemorative note specimen, SPECIMEN stamped in red, Lot 1138, Uncirculated.

Nov. 1, 1920, Yugoslavia, 10-dinara note printed for National Bank, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovens, Lot 1164, VF. ¦

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