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Spanish-English dictionary has bilingual translations

A new numismatic dictionary offers translations between English and Spanish terms.

Image courtesy of Gary Beals.

A new 354-page book, El Numiscadero, is the most extensive Spanish–English numismatic dictionary in the hobby, according to its author, veteran numismatist Gary Beals, of San Diego, Calif.

The dictionary has a full-color plastic laminated cover with a sewn spine and fold-in wings. It lists 2,543 Spanish terms, 1,876 English terms and has 1,264 illustrations and photographs. 

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The book has four sections: an introduction, a Spanish to English glossary, a English to Spanish glossary, and a special section of lists that include major numismatic associations, an explanation of grading systems, current spending power of old Spanish coins, money slang, monarchs of Spain, monarchs of Great Britain, Roman emperors, popes, and presidents of the United States. More listings at the rear of the book augment the main glossaries and clarify certain points.

“Spanish-speaking and English-speaking collectors have a lot to share with each other,” Beals said, in a press release. “This book is a tool to make the numismatic learning curve more fun and a richer experience. This is a jumping off point into deeper corners of the coin collecting world. Sometimes there are three or four numismatic languages to consider,” he said.

Beals points to the process of rolling the edges of coins for stacking, which is called “upsetting” in American English, “rimming” in British English, and “torculadora work” in Spanish. Just as American English and British English differ, some Spanish terms in the Americas differ from those of Spain. 

D. Wayne Johnson, first editor of Coin World and a veteran medals expert, was technical editor for the book.

A first edition of 1,000 serially numbered copies have been printed, for distribution split equally between Europe and the Americas. 

The book costs $39, but is available for $30 for members of any numismatic club or organization. To order the book, email Beals.

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