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South African rarities highlight NYINC sale

A Proof 1892 gold pond coin of South Africa, a Double Shaft example, one of an estimated 10 examples struck, highlights Heritage World Coins’ Signature auction Jan. 2 and 3 in New York City.

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A South African numismatic rarity that is one of 10 examples known highlights Heritage World Coins’ Jan. 2 and 3 auction during the New York International Numismatic Convention.

The Double Shaft version of the South African Proof 1892 gold pond is the marquee lot from the Orange River Collection, a “small but superb group of 18 coins” offered among some 2,200 lots of ancient and world coins in the firm’s New York International Numismatic Convention official auction.

The “Double Shaft” description refers to a minute design element that is part of the coat of arms on the reverse of the coin. The coat of arms includes a small representation of a wagon of a type that would be drawn by draft animals. On some pieces struck for circulation, a single-shaft wagon tongue is visible at the front of the wagon where the draft animals would be hitched. On other versions struck for circulation and on the rare Proof versions, two distinct shafts are visible at the front of the wagon.

The coin was designed by Otto Schulz and struck at the Royal Prussian Mint in Berlin. The coin is graded Proof 65 by Numismatic Guaranty Corp. and has an estimate of $300,000 to $400,000.

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Some additional highlights:

Ptolemaic Egypt, Berenice II (wife of Ptolemy III), circa 241 B.C. gold mnaieion or octadrachm, 27.63 grams, Ephesus, “only a small handful of specimens known,” Lot 23094, “short scratches on obverse behind head,” Nearly Extremely Fine.

Roman Empire, circa A.D. 247 gold aureus, Philip II, “unrecorded and unique,” “unknown as an aureus type but well known from silver and bronze issues,” Lot 23176, choice EF.

Roman Empire, Procopius, January to May A.D. 366 gold solidus, Constantinople, Lot 23188, Nearly EF.

Argentina, 1842-R gold 8-escudo coin, La Rioja, Gen. Juan Manuel de Rosas, Friedberg 10 (Gold Coins of the World by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg), “possibly only five pieces known outside of museums, and institutions,” Lot 23280, Numismatic Guaranty Corp. Extremely Fine 45.

Australia, 1919 copper-nickel pattern penny, George V, Krause-Mishler Pn11 (Standard Catalog of World Coins by Chester Krause and Clifford Mishler), Lot 23336, Professional Coin Grading Service Specimen 63.

Australia, 1921 copper-nickel pattern penny, George V, KM-Pn20, Lot 23337, PCGS Specimen 67.

Australia, 1935 Proof bronze halfpenny, George V, KM-22, “total Proof mintage: 100,” Lot 23335, NGC Proof 65 red brown.

Bahamas, Elizabeth II, 1987 12-ounce gold $2,500 coin, KM-110, F-41, “only 20 pieces were struck making this an incredible modern rarity,” Lot 23385, NGC Proof 63 Ultra Cameo.

Brazil, 1727-B gold 6,400-real coin, Joao V, KM-134, Lot 23412, NGC About Uncirculated Details, Surface Hairlines.

Brazil, 1727-R gold 6,400-real coin, Joao V, KM-136, Lot 23413, NGC About Uncirculated Details, Improperly Cleaned.

Brazil, 1727-B gold 12,800-real coin, Joao V, KM-141, Lot 23421, NGC AU-55.

China, Year 3 (1911) silver 10-cent coin, Lin-Ma 41 (Illustrated Catalogue of Chinese Gold & Silver Coins by Lin Gwo Ming, edited by Ma Tak Wo), Lot 23610, Mint State 67.

China, undated (1908) silver dollar, LM-11, Lot 23613, NGC MS-65.

China, Hunan Province, Year 11 (1922) silver dollar, LM-867, Lot 23629, NGC MS-64.

China, Hupeh Province, Year 30 (1904) silver tael, LM-180, Lot 23632, NGC MS-64.

China, Kweichow Province, Year 17 (1928) silver dollar, LM-488, Lot 23648, NGC AU-50.

China, undated (1912) silver dollar, LM-43, Lot 23669, NGC MS-64.

China, undated (1916) silver dollar, LM-942, Lot 23678, NGC MS-65.

China, Tientsin Provisional Government, 1902 gold medal, Boxer Uprising, designed by J. Chevt, issued by temporary local government, 97.07 grams, 52 millimeters, Lot 23702, Uncirculated “with minor rim bumps.”

Cuba, 1916 silver peso, KM-15.2, “mintage of only 50 pieces in Proof,” Lot 23841, NGC Proof 65.

Cuba, 1916 gold 2-peso coin, KM-17, “extremely rare in Proof with a mintage of 8,” Lot 23852, PCGS Proof 65.

Danzig (Free City), 1930 gold 25-gulden coin, KM-150, Lot 23906, NGC MS-65.

Ethiopia, undated (1928) gold airplane medal, Haile Selassie, 43 millimeters, 39.4 grams, Lot 23933, “choice brilliant Unc with small contact marks on the reverse.”

German East Africa, 1916-T gold 15-rupie coin, KM-16.2, Lot 24009, NGC AU-55.

German New Guinea, 1894-A silver 5-mark coin, KM-7, Lot 24016, NGC Proof 63.

Germany, Hamburg (Free City), undated (1553 to 1673) gold 2.5-ducat coin, F-1093, Lot 24174, NGC EF-40.

Germany, Hamburg (Free City), undated (1553 to 1673) gold 2.5-ducat coin, F-1093, Lot 24175, NGC AU-55.

Germany, Regensburg (Free City), undated (1765 to 1790) gold 8-ducat coin, F-2558, 27.91 grams, Lot 24232, NGC MS-63 Prooflike.

England, undated (1551 to 1553) gold sovereign, Edward VI, Third Coinage, Seaby 2450 (Coins of England and the United Kingdom, originally published by Seaby, now published by Spink), Lot 24311, PCGS EF-45.

England, undated (1584 to 1587) gold sovereign, Elizabeth I, sixth gold issue, Third Coinage, S-2529, Lot 24315, PCGS AU-50.

England, 1656 gold broad or 20-shilling coin, Oliver Cromwell, S-3225, “England’s first milled or machine-made gold piece,” engraved by Thomas Simon, struck by Pierre Blondeau, Lot 24329, PCGS MS-61.

England, 1693 gold 5-guinea coin, QUINTO edge, William and Mary, S-3422, Lot 24345, PCGS AU-50.

Great Britain, 1911 gold £5 coin, George V, S-3994, Lot 24482, NGC Proof 67.

Greece, (1940) gold 20-drachma coin, George II, commemorating fifth anniversary of the restoration of the monarchy, KM-74, “only 200 pieces were struck,” Lot 24499, NGC Proof 64 Cameo.

Japan, Showa period, Year 5 (1930) gold 5-yen coin, KM-Y51, Lot 24647, NGC MS-67.

Peru, 1712-M gold 8-escudo coin, cob style, Felipe V, Lima Mint, KM-38.2, Lot 24840, NGC MS-63.

Poland, 1832-KG gold 25-zloty coin, Nicholas I, KM-C118, “mintage of only 152 pieces,” Lot 24868, NGC MS-62.

Poland, 1833-HT silver 10-zloty coin (1.5 rubles), Nicholas I, St. Petersburg Mint, KM-C134, Lot 24872, NGC Proof 67.

Romania, 1939 gold 100-leu coin, Carol II, F-13, “one of the classic gold rarities of the 20th century,” Lot 24911, PCGS Genuine.

Russia, 1836 Family silver 1.5-ruble novodel, Nicholas I, KM-C172.2, Lot 24958, NGC MS-61.

Russia, 1829 platinum 6-ruble coin, Nicholas II, F-159, “mintage of only 828 pieces,” Lot 24967, NGC AU-58.

Russia, 1832 platinum 6-ruble coin, Nicholas II, F-159, “mintage of only 1,502 pieces,” Lot 24968, NGC AU-58.

Russia, 1876 gold 25-ruble coin, Alexander II, F-162, Lot 24979, Proof.

South Africa, 1874 Burgers gold pond, Fine Beard style, KM-1.2, F-1, “mintage of this variety was 695 pieces,” Lot 25072, NGC MS-64.

South Africa, 1874 Burgers gold pond, Coarse Beard style, KM-1.1, F-1a, “many times rarer than the Fine Beard [version],” “it is widely believed that just 142 pieces” were struck, Lot 25073, NGC AU-55.

South Africa, 1892 silver 5-shilling coin, Double Shaft style, KM-8.2, “estimated mintage 25 pieces,” Lot 25060, NGC Proof 65.

South Africa, 1892 silver 5-shilling coin, Double Shaft style, KM-8.2, “estimated mintage 25 pieces,” Lot 25061, NGC Proof 66 Cameo.

South Africa, 1892 gold half pond, Double Shaft style, KM-9.1 “estimated mintage 20 pieces,” Lot 25067, NGC Proof 64 Cameo.

South Africa, 1892 gold pond, Single Shaft style, KM-10.2, Lot 25078, NGC MS-61.

South Africa, 1893 gold half pond, KM-9.2, Lot 25069, PCGS AU-50.

South Africa, 1898 “Sammy Marks” gold threepence, KM-PnA23, mintage of “at least 215 pieces,” Lot 25035, NGC MS-64.

South Africa, 1902 Veld gold pond, KM-11, F-4, Lot 25091, NGC MS-64.

South Africa, 1928-SA bronze pattern sovereign, George V, reeded edge, unlisted in KM, “believed to be unique,” Lot 25093, NGC Matte Proof 64. ¦

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