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Social media complaints about Thailand notes abound

Residents of Thailand are complaining that the regular 1,000-baht bank note (not shown) and a commemorative 100-baht note, above, are too similar in appearance.

Images courtesy of Bangkok Post.

Thailand is one of many countries that use color as one of the ways to differentiate paper money denominations, especially important when the design on the face is consistent on all issues. The fact that one Thai 100-baht note is red and another is yellow, and the 1,000-baht note has a brown tint is a problem according to the Bangkok Post.

The paper says that social media is awash with complaints about the similarity of the 1,000-baht note to the recent commemorative 100-baht issued on Dec. 12 for the one year anniversary of King Rama X’s coronation ceremony. The commemorative 100-baht is a golden yellow and is disbursed from some ATM machines along with the regular issue. People are concerned that it is too easy to mistake this yellow 100 baht with the brown 1,000 baht, a potential mistake costing $30.

Thailand also differentiates its currency by size. The 100-baht note measures 72 by 150 millimeters. The 1,000-baht note measures 72 by 162 millimeters, a difference of half an inch.

The backs of the notes are similar in style but little else. Each has pictures of a different pair of Thai kings.

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