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Slovenia honors Roman city of Emona on 2015 coin

Slovenia’s first circulating commemorative 2 coin for 2015 honors the 2,000th anniversary of the ancient Roman city of Emona.

Images courtesy of the European Commission.

A Roman city called Emona (or Aemona) once stood where Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, now is found. 

Slovenia’s first circulating commemorative €2 coin for 2015 marks the 2,000th anniversary of the historical city of the Roman Empire. 

The obverse of the coin features a composition of letters to form the word EMONA (or the A could serve doubly, to form another version of the name, Aemona), and a stylized design representing the city. Inscriptions connect the ancient town with the present-day city and the current nation. 

The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

In total,1 million coins are due to be released into circulation, beginning in January.

Each eurozone nation may issue up to two circulating commemorative €2 coins annually, with designs of their choosing. Any joint program, like the 2009 series marking the tenth anniversary of the euro currency, does not count toward that limit. 

Not every nation issues circulating commemorative €2 coins annually, and some chose to issue only one special design annually.

The reverse of euro coins carries one of three common designs, all showing various maps of Europe and the earth.

Though issued by specific countries, euro coins are valid for payments throughout the eurozone.

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