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Sincona to auction thousands of ancient, world coins

A unique gold coin from Roman Emperor Constantinus I highlights the ancient and world coin offerings from a Swiss auction firm’s week of auctions. The coin, a multiple of 1.5 solidi, was struck circa 324 or 325 at Siscia.

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More than 2,100 lots of ancient and world coins and bank notes are available in the fourth auction from Sincona Swiss International Coin Auction.

Scheduled for Oct. 25, 31 and Nov. 1 at the Hotel Savoy in Zurich, the auction is led by a unique circa 324 to 325 gold coin of Roman emperor Constantinus I. The coin, a multiple of 1.5 solidi, was struck in Siscia. According to the firm, the coin commemorates Constantine’s voyage and arrival in Siscia, though experts have disagreed about the date.

The coin, in Good Extremely Fine condition, has an estimate of 85,000 Swiss francs (about $94,117 U.S.).

A catalog of the auction lot listings may be viewed at

A 15 percent buyer’s fee applies to all successful lots, with an additional applicable fee varying depending on bidding method.

Write to the firm at Pelikanstrasse 11, CH-8001 Zürich, telephone Sincona at (011) 41 44 215 1090, email the company at or visit the website

Some highlights:

Celtic, Calabria, Tarentum, circa 280 gold stater, signed by Nikar, 8.57 grams, Lot 4003, Extremely Fine.

Greece, Carthage, circa 260 gold trihemistater, 12.49 grams, Lot 4029, EF.

Roman Empire, 169 to 175 gold aureus, Faustina II, Rome Mint, 7.21 grams, Lot 4111, Brilliant Uncirculated.

Roman Empire, Septimius Severus, circa 202 gold aureus, “family aureus,” 7.31 grams, Lot 4118, Good EF.

Austria, Salzburg, 1513 gold 4-ducat coin, Leonhard von Keutschach, 13.92 grams, Friedberg 577b (Gold Coins of the World by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg), Lot 5338, EF.

Austria, 1724 gold 10-ducat coin, Vienna, Karl VI, 34.92 grams, Lot 5274, Nearly EF to Good EF.

Belgium, 1694 gold souverain d’or (ducaton), Bruges, F-229, 44.33 grams, Lot 4264, EF to Fleur de Coin.

China, 1986 Panda 12-ounce gold 1,000-yuan coin, 373.24 grams, F-B2, Lot 6103, Proof, “in original plastic.”

France, 1825 platinum medal, Charles X, for the erection of a statue of Ludwig XIV in Lyon, 156.79 grams, Lot 4793, FDC.

Germany, 1903 gold 20-mark coin, Berlin, F-3869, Lot 4608, EF to Nearly EF.

Free state of Danzig, 1923 gold 25-gulden coin, F-43, Lot 4662, Nearly FDC.

German New Guinea, 1895 gold 20-mark coin, F-1, mintage of 1,500 pieces, Lot 4684, EF to FDC.

Great Britain, 1701 gold 5-guinea coin, William III, 41.61 grams, Spink 3456 (Coins of England & the United Kingdom, published by Spink), F-310, Very Fine to EF.

Great Britain, 1826 gold £5 coin, George IV, F-373, S-3797, Lot 4889, EF to FDC.

Hungary, 1605 gold 10-ducat coin, Stephan Boeskai, 34.88 grams, F-305, Lot 5922, VF to Good VF.

Hungary, 1616 gold 10-ducat coin, Gabriel Bethlen, 34.61 grams, F-345, Lot 5925, VF to EF.

Hungary, 1896 gold 9-ducat coin, Franz Joseph, 30.8 grams, F-257, Lot 5917, EF to FDC.

Liechtenstein, 1614 silver taler, Karl, 28.86 grams, Lot 5099, Nearly EF.

Switzerland, 1617 gold 7-ducat coin, Thomas I von Schaunstein, 24.41 grams, Lot 5582, VF to EF.

Switzerland, 1697 gold ducat, Ulrich VII von Federspiel, 3.46 grams, F-214, Lot 5534, EF to FDC.

Switzerland, 1871 gold 20-franken coin, 6.45 grams, F-492, Lot 5734, FDC.

Switzerland, 1928 silver 5-franken coin, 25.05 grams, Lot 5724, Nearly FDC. ¦

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