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Silver tetradrachm highlights Greek coin collection

A circa 400 B.C. silver tetradrachm of Syracuse, attributed to the celator Kimon, highlights Morton & Eden’s Oct. 24 auction of a Greek coin collection.

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A circa 400 B.C. silver tetradrachm of Syracuse, in Sicily, in ancient Greece, highlights Morton & Eden Ltd.’s Oct. 24 auction.

The auction features a collection of “exceptional Greek coins” totaling 168 lots of wide-ranging early coinage. One of the highlights is the silver tetradrachm, which the auction house describes as an unsigned work of the famed early celator, or die engraver, Kimon.

A quadriga being driven to the left by the charioteer appears on the obverse and a head of Arethusa appears on the reverse of the coin, which is “perfectly centered on a large spread flan.”

With traces of die rust on the obverse, the coin is otherwise Extremely Fine. It has an estimate of £60,000 to £80,000 ($94,038 to $125,391 U.S.).

A 20 percent buyer’s fee applies to all winning bids.

All of the lots can be viewed in a PDF version of the catalog posted for free viewing online at the firm’s website,, and printed catalogs may be ordered for £15.

The auction is being conducted in association with Sotheby’s, in the Upper Grosvenor Gallery, Aeolian Hall, Bloomfield Place, New Bond Street.

For information about the auction, email Morton & Eden at, visit its website or telephone the firm at (011) 44 20 7493 5344.

Some highlights:

Greece, Italy, Bruttium, Caulonia, circa 525 to 500 B.C. silver stater, Lot 18, “virtually As Struck.”

Greece, Italy, Bruttium, Rhegium, circa 356 to 351 B.C. silver tetradrachm, Lot 23, “some minor marks on obverse, otherwise” Extremely Fine.

Greece, Sicily, Leontini, circa 465 B.C. silver tetradrachm, by the “Demareteion Master,” “traces of overstriking on obverse,” Lot 35, EF.

Greece, Sicily, Naxos, circa 460 B.C. silver tetradrachm, “attributed to the Aitna Master,” Lot 42, About EF.

Greece, Sicily, Segesta, circa 400 B.C. silver tetradrachm, Lot 45, EF.

Greece, Sicily, Syracuse, circa 465 B.C. silver tetradrachm, by the Demareteion Master, Lot 51, Very Fine.

Greece, Thraco-Macedonian Region, attributed to Siris, circa 500 B.C. silver stater, Lot 70, EF.

Greece, Attica, Athens, circa 510 B.C. silver tetradrachm, “a beautifully-centered example,” Lot 108, Good VF.

Greece, Crete, Knossos, circa 80 B.C. silver tetradrachm, Lot 125, “edge chip and with some light corrosion, otherwise” EF.

Greece, Crete, Gortyna, circa 330 to 270 B.C. silver stater, “the finest of apparently only three known examples of this variety,” Lot 126, EF.

Greece, Mysia, Kyzikos, circa 500 to 480 B.C. electrum stater, Lot 131, EF.

Greece, Islands off Caria, Kos, circa 480 B.C. silver triple siglos, “extremely rare variety of a very rare coinage,” Lot 158, EF.

Greece, Islands off Caria, Rhodes, circa 404 to 385 B.C. silver tetradrachm, Lot 160, EF. ¦

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