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Silver Institute releases World Silver Survey 2015

Excerpted remarks from Silver Institute news release issued May 6 on release of its World Silver Survey 2015:

Silver Investment & Price

"In 2014, silver coin and bar purchases remained at historically high levels, primarily due to growth in silver coin demand in several key markets.  Growth was experienced in the United States, Canada, India and Spain.  Silver coins and medals demand was 107.6 Moz last year.

"Holdings by silver-backed exchange traded funds remained sturdy, growing by 1.4 Moz, to record their highest year-end level at 636 Moz.  In contrast, gold ETF holdings ended 2014 at 53.1 Moz, 8.8 percent lower than their year-end 2013.

"Identifiable investment demand, which includes physical bar investment, coins and medals and exchange traded funds (ETF) inventories, stood at 197.4 Moz last year.  Demand for physical bullion bars reached 88.4 Moz.  India experienced a 4 percent growth in silver bar demand last year, but that was countered by losses in the United States, China and Europe when compared to the prior year.

"A combination of a slowdown in Chinese growth, a move away from commodities as an asset class, a stronger U.S. dollar, and a challenging year for most precious metals in general, led to a lower average annual silver price at $19.08 for 2014."

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