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Silver Institute hosting October conference on silver

Investors, industry leaders and specialists in the silver field will descend on Washington, D.C., Oct. 26 and 27 for a conference hosted by The Silver Institute on precious metals issues.

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A two-day Silver Industrial Conference is being hosted Oct. 26 and 27 at the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown Washington, D.C., by The Silver Institute.

Eight speakers with dedicated topics on silver as well as a panel discussion on the outlook of silver have been scheduled.

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The speakers and their topics are:

??Silver Market Overview — Bart Melek, global head of Commodity Strategy, TD Bank

??Silver’s Role in the Automotive Industry — John Bozzella, president and CEO, Global Automakers

??Silver and the Ethylene Oxide Market — Brian VanderWilp, business director, CRI Criterion

??How the Silver Refining Industry Helps to Fuel Industrial Demand — Jason Rubin, president, Republic Metals Corporation

??Silver and Electronics — Philip Newman, director, Metals Focus

??The Silver Lining Providing a Safe Water Supply — Dr. Theresa Dankovich, chief technology officer, Folia Water

??Silver and Healthcare: Past, Present and Future — Dr. Trevor Keel, director, Agility Health Tech

??Silver’s Role in Solar Power Technologies — Heraeus Photovoltaics Global Business Unit

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The conference will also feature a panel discussion on the outlook for silver and its role in the industrial sector, with participants including:

??Grant Angwin, executive vice president, Asahi Refining USA

??Mitch Krebs, president and CEO, Coeur Mining

??Miguel Perez-Santalla, Global Business Unit, Heraeus Metal Management

??Suki Cooper, Executive director, Precious Metals Analyst, Standard Chartered

??Jonathan Butler, Precious Metals Strategist & Business development manager, Mitsubishi Corporation 

An opening reception will take place on the evening of Oct. 26. The conference program on Oct. 27 will include the presentations and panel discussion. To register for the conference, click this link: Silver Industrial Conference Registration.

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