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Silver Institute forecasts silver demand for 2018

The Silver Institute is projecting that 2018 will be a much better year for silver investors than 2017.

“Coin demand almost halved to 73 million ounces in 2017, according to the Institute. “Much of the weakness was concentrated in the United States where a buoyant stock market and parabolic increases in cryptocurrencies diverted some capital away from physical precious metals. With equity and bonds in ‘expensive’ territory and Bitcoin’s stratospheric increase taking a breather during the beginning of 2018, we expect some investment to flow back into precious metals, benefiting silver bar and coin demand this year.”

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Demand for silver in industrial and jewelry applications is also expected to rise in 2018, with the bulk of industrial demand coming from China and jewelry demand from India.

The price of silver is expected to be volatile in 2018, according to the Silver Institute. Currently at a 72 to 1 ratio to gold, silver’s price is expected to improve, closing the gap to closer its long-term average of 64 to 1.

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Speculators are expected to leverage their exposure to gold by acquiring silver for their portfolios, according to the Institute.

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