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Sierra Leone shows majestic lion on Proof 2020 half-gram gold coin

Sierra Leone and the Pobjoy Mint have issued a Proof .9999 fine, half-gram gold $4 coin celebrating the lion.

Images courtesy of the Pobjoy Mint.

Sierra Leone is an African nation that uses the lion as a national symbol. The lion is the latest animal honored in a coin from Sierra Leone, issued in conjunction with the Pobjoy Mint.

Though dated 2020, the Proof .9999 fine gold $4 coin was issued in early 2021.

The coin is a companion to a series of Big Cat silver coins from Sierra Leone that the Pobjoy Mint issued in 2020.

That series was so popular, according to the Pobjoy Mint, that one of its designs, showcasing “the undisputed King of the Jungle, the Lion,” was selected for this limited mintage Proof gold version.

All about the lion

Thirty-six species of the wild cat family are distributed throughout the world but many, if not all, face the possibility of extinction. Their only hope is the intervention of man through conservation programs.

Lions are part of the African culture and the conservation of these incredible animals is of paramount importance. National parks, like Kruger, in South Africa play an essential role, providing a protective area for tourists to see these cats together while at the same time enabling conservation of natural habitats for these endangered species that will hopefully allow future generations to enjoy these magnificent animals.

The reverse of the coin features the head of a lion with the word LION incused and the name of the series BIG CATS raised in relief.

As with the original coins, the $4 denomination for the coin is on the obverse of the coin with the coat of arms of Sierra Leone.

The coin weighs 0.5 gram, measures 11 millimeter in diameter and has an “issue limit” of 199 pieces.

Each half-gram Proof gold coin is encapsulated, and packaged in a faux-leather red presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. They retail for $109.95 each.

For more information, or to order the coin, visit the Pobjoy Mint website,

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