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Siculo-Punic silver tetradrachm sells for seven times estimate

A rare circa 320 to 310 B.C. silver tetradrachm of Sicily in Carthage realized seven times its estimate during Fritz Rudolph Künker’s March 13 ancient coin auction.

Images courtesy of Fritz Rudolph Künker.

A silver tetradrachm from ancient Sicily realized just over seven times its pre-sale estimate during Fritz Rudolph Künker’s March 13 ancient coin auction.

The circa 320 to 310 B.C. coin hammered for €180,000 ($190,433 in U.S. funds), against an estimate of €25,000. The buyer’s fee ranges from 20 to 23 percent, depending on bidding and payment method.

The obverse shows a female wearing a tiara. Experts suggest the female is one of several figures, including possibly Libya, Elissa, Venus, Aphrodite, or Artemis. Others describe her as a Carthaginian goddess, representing the lands over which Carthage ruled (which included Sicily). 

The coin was reportedly struck by a mobile mint during a time of war, and likely was issued to provide financial assistance to Agathocles’ allies, according to the auction house.

A lion and palm tree appear on the reverse of the coin.

The coin was graded as Extremely Fine by the auction house.

Künker offered four different auctions across five days, from March 9 to 13, which realized a total hammer price of some €9.6 million (about $10.3 million dollars U.S.), according to the firm.

To learn about all of the items sold in those auctions, visit the firm’s website.

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