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Series 2017A note transition continues in U.S. production

The transition from Series 2017 notes, shown, to Series 2017A notes, continues. BEP officials are not revealing what changes resulted in the new series designation.

Coin World file images.

As shown in the monthly production reports from January through May 2020, the pandemic did not stop work at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

All notes reported have the enigmatic Series 2017A designation, one that the BEP will not explain. They are identical in appearance to those of Series 2017, with the signatures of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Treasurer Jovita Carranza, who left office on Jan. 14, 2020, without a replacement yet named.

Except for the $50 note, which was last produced as part of the 2013 series, all denominations have been printed. The current status of all Series 2017A notes as of May 2020 follows. (Letters in parentheses indicate the Federal Reserve district designation printed on each note.)

$1 notes were printed at both the Washington, D.C., and Fort Worth, Texas, locations. Boston (A) and New York (B) notes were made in Washington, along with Boston star replacement notes. Fort Worth production was for Kansas City (J), Dallas (K), and San Francisco (L), and star notes for San Francisco.

There are $2 notes for every district except Atlanta (F). Star notes were made for Philadelphia (C) only. These were all made at the Fort Worth facility in August and September 2019.

The $5 denomination has only been printed in Fort Worth, and the $10 notes only in Washington. The $5 bills now exist for all districts except San Francisco. The only $5 star notes are for Philadelphia. The $10 was made for Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, along with Atlanta star notes.

The $20 note was produced at both facilities. Washington was responsible for those for Boston, Cleveland (D), Richmond (E), Atlanta, Chicago (G), St. Louis (H), and Minneapolis (I), as well as star notes for Atlanta and Minneapolis. Fort Worth made regular issues for Dallas and San Francisco and star notes for Dallas.

The $100 note is only from Fort Worth, with production for New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco, and star notes for Atlanta and San Francisco.

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