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Series 2013 $100 notes printed for fourth bank

A fourth bank, St. Louis, will now get Series 2013 $100 Federal Reserve notes. The notes are slowly entering circulation. (The note shown is one printed for the New York Federal Reserve district.)

Original images courtesy of Ira Zuckerman.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s Production Report for September, 2017 shows an addition to the enigmatic Series 2013 $100 notes. With the addition of 3,200,000 notes for the St. Louis district (H), four of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks have now ordered the denomination.

All were printed at the Western Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The others were produced for the New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco banks. 

All Series 2013 notes have serial numbers starting with the letter M, with the second letter designating the Federal Reserve district — B for New York, F for Atlanta, and L for San Francisco.

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The Series 2013 $100 bills were first printed from November 2014 to March 2015, but were not delivered to banks until recently. The reason given was to avoid confusion in the market.

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