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Vietnamese coins, paper money catalog available

A second edition of Howard A. Daniel III’s catalog of coins and paper money of North Vietnam is now available.

Book image courtesy of Howard A. Daniel III. Map image courtesy of the Perry-Castenada Map Collection at the University of Texas.

The second edition of a catalog of coins and paper money of North Vietnam (Democratic Republic of Viet Nam) from 1946 to 1978 is now available.

Howard A. Daniel III is the author of Democratic Republic of Viet Nam Coins & Currency, a 210-page softcover book, his fifth in a series about the financial instruments of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, and their colonial past.

Besides legal tender coins and paper money, the book has local issues, Viet Minh overstamps on the French Bank of Indochina notes, Ho Chi Minh Trail scrip used during the war, bullion, presentation coins, and miscellaneous financial instruments such as telephone tokens, postal money orders, bonds and ration coupons. Chinese and Russian pieces used in Viet Nam during the war are also included, and all pieces are shown in color.

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The largest updated section from the first edition is for the Viet Minh overstamps on Bank of Indochina notes. The author discovered a large collection in the Southern Region Women’s Museum in Ho Chi Minh City and greatly expanded his illustrations of them. 

Local notes, which were briefly covered in the first edition, are now explored in depth and are cataloged as replicas and fantasies.

Each section has one to several pages of background information about the pieces in that section. 

An English to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English glossary will also help the readers with words that might not be familiar to them. The book offers an extensive bibliography and most of the pieces are valued in several grades.

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