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Scottsdale launches scorpion silver bullion coin

Bullion coins like the Panda or Koala depict cute native animals, but a new silver bullion coin issued by Scottsdale Mint brings a bit of a sting.

The Deathstalker Scorpion 1-ounce .999 fine silver coin, denominated 500 francs CFA and issued for Chad, is now available from Scottsdale Mint.

The Brilliant Uncirculated coin is housed in a capsule and has a mintage limit of 50,000 pieces.

According to Scottsdale, the coin “features a small, yet horrifying creature you should hope to never encounter in real life.”

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The deathstalker scorpion is an excellent hunter and employs a host of nightmarish features to survive in the harsh desert climates it populates. ?It is nocturnal and hunts its prey by stalking and then ambushing from a dark crevice, using its pincers to subdue and weaken its victim before injecting poison from a barbed venomous tail stinger.

It has a multiple sets of eyes, and on all of its legs tiny hairs help detect vibrations in the ground from the slightest movements of its prey.

The poison is a cocktail of neurotoxins and cardiotoxins, which can cause catastrophic heart and breathing issues for the unlucky recipient. Despite the menacing name, the deathstalker scorpion’s sting rarely kills a human, but it’s still incredibly painful and medical attention is advised.

Scientists have discovered the venom has a potential to treat human cancer tumors due its content of a substance called chlorotoxin. Other compounds are helpful in treating the effects of diabetes.

The reverse of the 2017 coin shows the scorpion, tale poised to strike, against a pebbly, grainy background meant to mimic the sandy desert.

The obverse of the coin displays the seal of the Republic of Chad, the issuing monetary authority for this coin that bears a face value of 500 francs CFA.

The coin is currently available through Scottsdale’s eBay store for approximately a 33 percent premium over the spot or precious metal price.

No other distributors were offering the coins as of press time Sept. 13.

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