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Saudi Arabia makes updates to its 5-riyal note

The new Saudi Arabia 5-riyal note issued in 2024 features more colorful features than the previous issue.

Images courtesy of Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority.

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority issued an updated 5-riyal polymer bank note with slightly more colorful features than its predecessor from 2020. The purple 45-millimeter by 66 millimeter note was printed by De La Rue.

The right side of the face has the head of the titular leader of the country, 88-year-old King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, referred to as “the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.” He has been king since 2015 but the country is effectively run by his son and heir apparent, Prince Mohammed bin Salman. To the king’s immediate left is a picture of the huge Shaybah oil field in the northern edge of the Empty Quarter Desert in the country’s southeast. A transparent window contains motifs inspired by the logo of Saudi Vision 2030. Under the window is a pattern with the denomination as an Arab numeral that changes from purple to teal when the note is tilted. A metallic thread runs from top to bottom. Fluorescent patterns are visible when viewed under ultraviolet light.

The back shows a field with an array of some of the kingdom’s typical wildflowers, and the transparent Saudi Vision 2030 window.

Saudi Vision 2030 is the framework of a plan to lessen Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil by diversifying its economy and developing areas such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism.

The 5-riyal note is worth the equivalent of $1.35 in U.S. funds.

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