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Samoa issues four-layer, ultra-deep-relief coin

An international coin program using deep relief turns to an American subject for a 2017 offering. 

MDM, a wholesaler and retailer based in Germany, used what it calls “four layer minting technology” to produce a $10 coin depicting the interior of the United States Capitol's dome.

The 100-gram .999 fine silver coin is struck with a concave reverse design created by the “Four Layer” minting technique. This coin’s reverse presents the scene a visitor within the Capitol would see of the ceiling, upon looking up. Architectural details are fully displayed. 

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The issuer says the depth of the design is 5 millimeters, with an ultra-high-relief design creating a three-dimensional effect.

The 2017 coin, struck in the name of Samoa, follows two similarly produced issues from MDM released for the Cook Islands. A 2016 coin celebrates St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, and the first coin in the group, from 2015, showcases the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. 

In addition to the special minting technique, coins in this program (including this 2017 issue) feature an Antique Finish, are packaged in a luxury box with silver print and a serialized certificate of authenticity. 

First Coin Company offers the coin for pre-sale at $329.90, with delivery expected in April or May. 

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