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Sales of 2014 tenth ounce gold Proof Eagles below 2013

The sale of 2014-W tenth-ounce, $5 gold Proof American Eagles are running below the 2013 issue.

Images courtesy of U.S. Mint.

Sales by the United States Mint of Proof 2014-W American Eagle tenth-ounce gold $5 coins and the four-coin gold Proof set are lagging behind those recorded for the 2013-W issues.

In contrast, the U.S. Mint’s sales of Proof 2014-W American Eagle 1-ounce $50, half-ounce $25 and quarter-ounce $10 gold coins are above 2013 levels.

The 2014-W coins went on sale April 3.

The individual Proof 2014-W American Eagle 1-ounce gold coin is no longer available. With a single-coin maximum product authorization at 20,000 coins, the last unaudited sales figures when the option became no longer available in late August was 19,853 coins.

The American Eagle 1-ounce coin is still available in the four-coin gold Proof set.

According to the Mint’s latest sales report through Oct. 26, sales for the remaining Proof 2014 -W American Eagle gold coin options, the maximum mintage, and the latest retail price are:

??Single Proof 2014-W half-ounce gold coin, 5,592 sold; maximum 10,000; $795.

??Single Proof 2014-W quarter-ounce gold coin, 5,831; maximum 10,000; $410.

??Single Proof 2014-W tenth-ounce gold coin, 10,707 sold; maximum 20,000; $175.

??Four-coin Proof gold set, 8,361 sold, 15,000 maximum; $2,890.

Sales for Proof 2013-W American Eagle gold coins are final, but have not been fully audited, since sales continued into the 2014 calendar year and the program has not been totally reconciled.

The last sales figures reported for 2013, followed by the maximum product authorization, are:

??Single Proof 2013-W 1-ounce gold coin, 16,832 sold, maximum 20,000.

??Single Proof 2013-W half-ounce gold coin, 4,839 sold, maximum 10,000.

??Single Proof 2013-W quarter-ounce gold coin, 4,905, maximum 10,000.

??Single 2013-W tenth-ounce gold-Proof, 13,861 sold, maximum 20,000.

??Four-coin Proof gold set, 7,860 sold, 20,000 maximum.

Proof 2014-W American Eagles can be struck through Dec. 31, with sales carried over to calendar 2015 with remaining inventory. 

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