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Royal Mint launches Proof 2015 Britannia silver, gold collection

The Royal Mint’s smallest Proof Britannia coin weighs a 40th of an ounce, and is available in either silver (denominated 5 pence) or gold, as seen on this 50-penny piece.

Images courtesy of the Royal Mint.

Britain’s Royal Mint on July 15 launched its new Britannia 2015 Proof coin collection in .9999 fine gold and .999 fine silver, including individual coins such as the United Kingdom’s smallest coin, weighing just one 40th of an ounce.

Britannia is the female personification of Britain, featured prominently on coinage for centuries, including on the Britannia coin series first introduced in 1987 as a gold coin and in 1997 as a silver coin. It’s become tradition for a new design to appear on the Britannia each year, with every artist bringing a unique flair to the icon’s image, the changing face of Britain.

The 2015 Britannia has a nautical theme and was designed by Antony Dufort. The icon wears her familiar Corinthian helmet and holds the trident, a nod to Britain’s maritime might. A masted ship with billowing sails reinforces the traditional seafaring nature of the island nation. 

The obverse of each Britannia coin features Jody Clark’s newly designed effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. 

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Each set or coin is housed in a Royal Mint case, tailored accordingly to the contents, and is complemented by a booklet revealing Britannia’s story and the inspiration behind the design. 

The Royal Mint offers seven different sizes of the Proof Britannia silver coins and six different sizes of Proof Britannia gold coins, the smallest being a 40th of an ounce in either metal. The smallest silver coin is a 5-penny piece and the smallest gold coin is denominated 50 pence. Both measure 8 millimeters in diameter, or less than half the diameter of a Roosevelt dime. 

The largest coin in both metals weighs 5 ounces, with the silver version denominated £10 and the gold version denominated £500. 

For full coinage specifications, program details and costs, visit the Royal Mint website

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