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Royal Mint issues their largest gold coin ever

A Royal Mint employee holds the unique 15-kilogram gold £15,000 coin celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

Images courtesy of the Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint has produced its largest ever coin in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee — a unique 15-kilogram gold masterpiece commissioned by a private UK collector in recognition of the queen’s historic 70-year reign.

The “Proof” .999 fine gold £15,000 coin weighs 15,030 grams and measures 220 millimeters (8.66 inches) in diameter.

The coin features a special design personally approved by Queen Elizabeth II and created by artist John Bergdahl.

The reverse depicts a crowned EIIR cypher surrounded by roses, daffodils, thistles and shamrocks, representing the United Kingdom. The reverse also includes a symbolic privy mark of St. Edward’s crown, which was worn during Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, positioned above the number 70.

On the obverse of the coin, a special commemorative design depicting Queen Elizabeth II on horseback is engraved.

Inspired by the 1953 coronation crown coin created by Gilbert Ledward and the 2002 Golden Jubilee crown by Ian Rank-Broadley, the equestrian design was created especially for the commemorative Platinum Jubilee collection, which includes multiple other denominations and metal options, besides the unique, largest gold coin.

Royal Mint craftspeople spent nearly 400 hours crafting the queen’s 15-kilo gold coin, using state-of-the-art engraving and laser technology.

Rather than being struck between two dies like a standard coin, the designs for the large coin were cut directly into a solid gold ingot by a high-speed precision-milling machine before burnishing, polishing, and frosting was carried out by hand to highlight key elements within the designs.

The Royal Mint has told the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign on UK coins since her accession to the throne in 1952, including five definitive portraits.

In addition, the Royal Mint has regularly marked royal milestones such as previous Jubilee occasions on commemorative crown pieces.

For the queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Royal Mint launched one of the largest ever commemorative collections, including a traditional £5 crown and the first royalty-themed 50-penny coin.

The best-selling collection has been popular with new and existing collectors in the UK and oversees, with most of the precious metal 50-penny and £5 coins selling out at the Royal Mint website on the day of the launch.

In special recognition of the national celebration, 1.3 million 50-penny coins entered circulation to mark the anniversary of the queen’s accession to the throne, from a limited mintage of 5,000,070 pieces.

Examples of the 50-penny coin are also being gifted to 7,000 children completing the RFS Junior Forester Award in partnership with the Queen’s Green Canopy.

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