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Royal Canadian Mint secures first coinage contract with Indonesia

From May 1 press release from the Royal Canadian Mint:

The Royal Canadian Mint was recently awarded its first ever contract with Bank Indonesia in Jakarta, to produce nickel-plated steel blanks for its 1,000 Rupiah circulation coin. 

This contract with Indonesia brings the number of countries using the Mint’s multi-ply plated steel technology to 34.

“The Mint’s multi-ply plated technology is the most advanced plating process in the world and is renowned for producing high-quality, cost-effective and secure coinage products,” said Sandra L. Hanington, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. “We are proud that these blanks which will be used daily in Indonesia will originate from our Winnipeg facility where our employees apply their technical expertise to deliver the best quality and value to our customers.”

First developed for Canadian circulation coinage in 2001, the Mint’s multi-ply plated steel technology consists of alternating layers of nickel, copper and nickel plated over a steel core. Today, this proven technology enjoys success around the world, including in the varying climate conditions of Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

The Mint offers foreign customers a full spectrum of coin manufacturing and consulting services, from the production of circulation numismatic coins, ready-to-strike blanks, medals, medallions and tokens, to coin distribution management, marketing and communications, and technology transfers. Since opening in 1976, the Mint’s Winnipeg facility has produced circulation coins and blanks for over 80 countries.

This contract is demonstrative of Canada’s expanding commercial relations with Indonesia. Canadian exports to Indonesia have almost doubled in the past five years and two-way investment has increased significantly. Indonesia is Canada’s largest merchandise export market and largest investment destination in Southeast Asia.

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